My Pillows

For our 2nd (cotton) year anniversary, my mother-in-law sent us the credo pillow! Thank you so much!! and look how it looks in our living room (small) couch with other beautiful pillows that I love.

I love it! Thank you so much, Janis! (she also gave me this necklace on my birthday – I am so happy, it is soooo super cute)

The other pillows are from my lovely ladies’ shop that I have worked with. The turquoise-ish blue color pillows are from booloo boutique (aren’t they beautiful? I love these pillows so much that I designed our living room inspired by the color + splash of red + black and white) and the doily pillows are from LAMA – I was eyeing them for so long and I finally got them, they are much cuter in person than the pictures even though they look already so cute in the pictures.

I am so happy with all my pillows that I had to post about them – do you love your pillows? Don’t they make home more fun and add colors or impact on your home?!

5 thoughts on “My Pillows

  1. Hi Hijiri,

    Belated Happy Wedding Anniversary! I like the pillows =)

    It took me a while to finish the post as my computer broke but here it is,

    I hope it was okay that I borrowed the photos from your blog (i made them as links, too). Please tell me if you want anything changed or if you want to add anything.


  2. Oh my god, Rache, thank you so much for your post!! I love it!! wow, I am so flattered and I hope it gives your readers some ideas or inspirations. Thank you!!! Love your blogs, too!!

  3. griffo68-

    isn’t it cool? I’m glad you like it, too!!


    you know what? I think I took the last two pillows from booloo… she might still make them if you wanna contact her… but they are from vintage textiles that she found so I’m not sure if they were very limited.

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