Charley Harper Alphabet Cards

My friend Susan from Brooklyn Nest (great design blog for kids!) gave me these Charley Harper alphabet cards for my birthday – look how cute they are! I love Charley Harper’s work very much and I love letters so this is perfect. These are not just alphabet cards, but also a floor puzzles (2 patterns!) when you flip it on the back so it’s double the fun!

I’ve gathered my alphabet card inspirations before and I can take lots of inspiration from these for sure.

Love the colors and of course his illustrations.

Thank you, Susan!

2 thoughts on “Charley Harper Alphabet Cards

  1. Samantha-

    yes, I have seen the book and I know how big it is! I’d love to own that book someday, too… :)

    oh and thank you for your birthday wishes! Your new design is so great, I love it!!

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