Bloomsberry & Co. Think Chocolate

Randy got me this chocolate from Bloomsberry & Co. and I love the packaging!

I like what it says on the box, too.

“Peace on earth. May this chocolate bring you peace (and quiet) these Holidays, if only for a moment.”

(it did, thank you.)

and how cute is this wrapping paper inside the box!

and after going to their website, I found out that they have all sorts of fun chocolates and their website is really fun to look around, too.

No Weight Gain Chocolate:

Some for me, some for you chocolate:

Eat me. chocolate:

and more on their website. I like how fun they are and each packaging is different and designed well. Chocolate always makes me happy so this is a double treat for me!


1 year ago today, December 29th, we moved to New York. It’s been exactly a year living in the city. I feel like I am officially settled…

2 thoughts on “Bloomsberry & Co. Think Chocolate

  1. i’m always surprised at how interesting chocoloate bar packaging is! megan and i always look through trader joe’s shelves pointing out the typography haha. now i will think of you!!

    i miss you heej, happy new year to you and randy xo s

  2. Sarah!

    I will think of you guys, too, whenever I see cool designs.

    I miss you, tooooooooooo, wishing you a very happy new year to you and your fiancé!! (wink)

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