Typographic Art at Cooper Union

For the last 10 times when I was at the Cooper Union for the letterpress class, I was very fascinated by this typographic art by the entrance in the foundation building. It is stunning! I guess it was a gift to Peter Cooper’s 80th birthday from the class of 1871 (!!) – wow. When you take a close look, it’s even more wonderful because there are so many great use of typography, I’m sure it’s all done by hands, I can stare at this all day.

The 5 art works in the gorgeous frame:

Left side: (sorry for the blurry image… but you still see the great types, right?)

In the middle:

Right side (close up):

Right side (whole):

The curved wood: I love it!

On the bottom – very nice:

More information about this work:

Cooper Union also offers a Calligraphy class, I am actually really interested in the class after seeing this amazing work of art!


I am traveling to Boston today to spend Christmas time with my family-in-law! I’ll be back tomorrow, though, if you are traveling this week, have a safe and fun trip!