I pass by Uniqlo in New York Soho every day, at least twice a day and I always look in to see if Wakamaru is there – yes, he’s always there and I like him! I have a thing about robot (my favorite is definitely R2-D2) and I’ve seen Asimo in Tokyo (in a glass room) but I like Wakamaru way better! I guess because Wakamaru is designed to be more for family and home and he’s in the store all the time, interacting with people (? kind of… he looks around and looks at you and gives his hand to you etc. He is supposed to talk you back, but I had no luck so far) so I feel like he is friendlier. and I love his yellow body. How cute.

and his docking station is in heart shape!

Yes, he is learning English now. I should talk to him in Japanese next time and see what he reacts!

For Friday fun inspiration – Happy Friday, everyone!!!