Cream Website

It was a collaboration work with Cream. They offer cute scented T-shirts! It was fun animating the “scent” from the T-shirts. The designer and the owner, Mika has been fun to work with also.




LAMA Launches!

I am so happy to announce that LAMA shopping site officially launched today! I posted about LAMA logo design before and we have been working so hard for this day ever since. We had to go through major crisis and pull some late nights, but I am so happy how it came out! Christine, the owner of LAMA has been great to work with and it’s been very inspiring to see the process of opening an online store from the beginning and how she has been achieving her dream to bring Latin America in her own way like this.

And special thank you to Randy, of course, for all his hard work! This wouldn’t happen without him!!







Liz Steketee Photography

I got to design a website for Liz Steketee Photography a few years ago, and since then, I get to do the updates every so often and I just finished a big update today. She just has started a show at SF Cameraworks today called “Past is an image we form in the present” – if you are around in San Francisco, you get to see her work there now. I admire her work not just because I’ve worked with her on this website, but also her concepts and feelings behind the photos are so personal and so special. Especially, her collections of “emma project” is so very touching. Each of her work says a lot.

If you have a little time to spare, please browse through the website by clicking here.







Laura Martin Bovard Interiors

My friend, Tae is a graphic designer and she was looking for an HTML programmer to create this website for Laura Martin Bovard Interiors and I thought I could help so I did the programming and it just launched today. I am not a programmer, but I can do HTML by using Dreamweaver. It was actually cool to do this project, I got to relearn lots of things and I got into it. It was nice working with her, too! Looks great!