I am back!

Hello! I am back from vacation now, a lot to catch up, feeling a little tired and overwhelmed with what I have to catch up with, but we had such a nice time with friends, different cities, weddings were great, got lots of happy energies…. it was a great trip :)

I took a lot of pictures and I will be sharing them here all week this week! I need sometime to sort everything out, though… (I took 419 pictures, apparently.)

Pictures are from the flight. I love looking out the window and see the sky, ground, the whole earth… it is always different, always inspiring to me.

Somewhere in between LA and Boston:


Somewhere in between Boston to New York:


(the window was really dirty – can you see?)


The best part of coming back from vacation was to see Maia!!! She had a great time also, with her best friend, Hime and her parents. We missed her so much!! Thanks to our petsitter, Mallow and Milo the Chinchillas were doing great, too! :)


4 thoughts on “I am back!

  1. Glad to see you back! I can’t get enough of your pup; those adoring brown eyes and that sweet little tail say that she missed you as much as you missed her!

  2. Hi Patty!

    yes, it is always a nice thing to go on vacation indeed!! Nice to see you!!

    Hi Rache-

    Thank you so much!! It was definitely a nice trip :)

    Hi Ursula-

    Thank you! I can’t get enough of my pup, either!! haha She is so sweet, she would love you in a second!!! :)

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