Back in NY…

I am back in New York from my Boston trip now. It was only a short weekend trip, but I have to catch up a lot of things today, I’ll post more stuff later! xo Hijiri

Picture is from 34th Street with Empire State Building :)

Today’s Bridge Special 9.25.10

Since I pulled out some found type pictures from 3 weeks ago, I might as well share more images from that day… (and it was 80-something degrees still back then!) Today’s Bridge is a special version from ON top of the Brooklyn Bridge.

There is a repair work going on right now… so you see some construction area… but it is always such an experience walking across this awesome bridge.

Hello, Manhattan Bridge!

Love the view, it never ever gets old even though the bridge is really old… :)

Till next time I cross you, Brooklyn Bridge, I will be seeing you from the streets… xo

Subway Art: Christopher St.

This Subway Art is from Christopher St. station (1) in West Village. It is so very unique and very interesting.

and it comes with titles and descriptions just like museum. Pretty awesome.

New York Fire Patrol

I hope you had a fun St. Patrick’s Day yesterday… :)

I was having lunch with my friends in Cobble Hill, walking around the neighborhood (love the area) and passed by the New York Fire Patrol — the illustration on the bright red door caught my eye and so I took pictures. Aren’t they something?! :)

Apparently, there are only 3 Fire Patrol House in the city, this Cobble Hill one is the third one along with Midtown house and Greenwich Village house.

((this picture is via wikipedia))

The building is so cute, too!