Today’s Bridge 4.9.11

I think Spring has finally sprung! It’s been really nice and warm, makes me want to stay outside longer. I took a long walk last Saturday just because it was so nice and the Manhattan Bridge looked beautiful :) This was taken from the end of Main Street. Do you see the Empire State Building, too? Oh, and Mister Softee (the ice cream truck) was back!

(and today was 75 degrees! Took a long walk again.)

Back in NY…

I am back in New York from my Boston trip now. It was only a short weekend trip, but I have to catch up a lot of things today, I’ll post more stuff later! xo Hijiri

Picture is from 34th Street with Empire State Building :)

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope you are having a great Memorial Day holiday today… xo Hijiri

Picture is from the rooftop of 2nd avenue and Houston — The Empire State Building is blue, white and red this weekend!

My Halloween and the City

This year, for the first time since I came to US, I couldn’t dress up… I was so mad that I had to work so late!

But I wanted to at least see NY Halloween parade so right out of work, I started heading towards 6th Avenue… and ohh my god, there were soo many people! A lot of people were dressed up, some impressive, some funny, I wanted to take more pictures, but it was just too crazy!

Randy was on 7th Avenue and I was on 5th Avenue, we couldn’t walk across 6th Avenue so we had to walk up until 23rd Street to actually see each other.

Trying to go back to 5th Avenue:


5th Avenue and 17th Street:

Empire State Building was in orange, it was so beautiful…

and it inspired us to go up there for the first time!

There was no line no waiting, went up to 86th floor, sky was clear and the city was wow, breathtaking!

Click on each image to view larger:

So we had a little different Halloween night, but really, the city never stop amazing me.

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!