New Prints

I added these lino+stamped prints to my etsy store. These are absolutely one of a kind! I made more over the weekend (oh how fun!) and framed it one by one and took pictures one by one… now I really know how much work that is to have an online store. It’s all fun process, though!

So I’ve only listed 3 more today, more to come!

Available here — I hope they would be loved as much as they have been by me!

2 thoughts on “New Prints

  1. OMG! Why am I just finding out you have an etsy store! I LOVE the prints Hijiri! “Live What You Love” is on my list of things to purchase. ;)

  2. Christine!

    ohh, haha, it’s only 2 days old… I *just* opened it…! I’m so happy to hear that you like them!!!

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