Brooklyn Botanical Garden


I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden yesterday because I knew it was going to be a nice day… I didn’t realize it’d be in 82 degrees, though! It was so hot! (but really nice :)) Just wanted to post some photos from my visit. I could not wait any longer for Spring to come and so seeing flowers blooming was such a treat!







oh. but most of the garden was still like winter. Below is the big cherry blossom area — all the trees were still naked. (NYC street trees are still naked, too.) It was so weird to see the trees like this when it was so hot! I’m sure it’s going to bloom so fast after a day like yesterday. Apparently, today’s going to be another hot day, we are going to the Prospect park for a playdate :) Have a great day, everyone! xo Hijiri


Today’s Bridge 3.28.13


Still really chilly in New York at the end of March… But I saw some tiny flowers blooming today! Spring is right around the corner I can see it! These little things make me so happy. Today’s bridge picture is in the background, I let the tiny flowers be the main… :)

Flowers at a Farmer’s Market


Where’s Spring?! It was snowing again today in NYC. Sigh. It was cold over the weekend, too, but I passed by the farmer’s market in Union Square and saw lots of pretty flowers. I thought I saw a tiny bit of Spring and made me happy. Wanted to buy some so I can have a little Spring at home, but I already had so much stuff with me so just took some photos… I can NOT wait any longer!!!

Found Type: LOVE


I was over at the Pomme store (love that store!) and look what I’ve found — LOVE made out of flowers and butterflies! Made me happy instantly. Can’t wait for the Spring to come…