Limited Edition LOVE Print

With Valentine’s Day coming right soon, the love is definitely in the air everywhere! and I LOVE it :)

I printed this very limited edition of LOVE print, which will be featured in an upcoming book… (more about that later)

I love overlapping effects that letterpress can do so I wanted to try that — first, setting up letter O and E:

Adjusting the placement… with consideration about the letter L and V later…

and print the letter O and E.

Now, setting the letter L and V to overlap the letter O and E:

Test print without the ink + adjusting the placement…

Let’s see…

aww I love the shapes and colors that they make each other!

Still adjusting the spacing until I am happy…

Here is the final product! Limited to only 25 prints!

I hope you like it :) xo Hijiri

Live What You Love 8th Edition

Just wanted to let you know that I have printed Live What You Love 8th edition and they are all available at my etsy shop now. It is a little bit smaller edition since I only had 1 day, but some new colors to enjoy :) Hope you like them.



This color is new… I call it “cerulean blue” — I love how it came out!


Hot off the press:


And here are all 7 of them.


Red is a bit darker and richer this time and light grey is really warm this time. I printed green first time in a long time (since the first edition)!