Subway Art: Lorimer Street



It’s been a while since I did a Subway Art post… but I’m still finding new ones that I haven’t seen after 5 full years living in NYC! This one is from Lorimer Street Station in Williamsburg. MAN KIND!

Subway Art: 77th Street Station

Haven’t done a Subway Art post in a while… but I found a new one at 77th Street station in Upper East Side (number 6 line). This is towards Downtown/Brooklyn platform. The wall was filled with pretty mosaic flowers as you can see.

Subway Art: 50th Street Station

Today’s Subway Art is coming from 50th Street station (red line 1) — I think it’s the cutest one yet! Alice in Wonderland station :)

LOVE the heart <3

It’s showing its age, too…

Subway Art: Christopher St.

This Subway Art is from Christopher St. station (1) in West Village. It is so very unique and very interesting.

and it comes with titles and descriptions just like museum. Pretty awesome.