Everything is gonna be alright

I came across these wonderful typographic posters over the weekend (did you see the Oscars? I was so happy to see Natalie Portman won the Best Actress!) and just wanted to share. Monday can be hectic, but hey, “Stay cool, be confident and everything is gonna be alright“!

There are 2 others just as great!

So with these in mind, let’s have a great week, shall we? :)

((images via eva juliet))

2 thoughts on “Everything is gonna be alright

  1. Especially with my crazy week last week, I’ve been meaning to make my own print with the same type of messages.. I love this though! Maybe I’ll just buy one of these instead ;) Hope you’re doing well, Hijiri!

  2. ohhh Donna… I hope you are hanging in there… everyone gets the crazy week, the reminder like this sure helps, right?? :)

    I’m doing well, thank you! I hope you are, too!

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