MoMA Visit 12.16.2010

I stopped by MoMA yesterday — it’s always nice to see something new for my eyes and for my heart :) There are few exhibitions going on, I got to see Andy Warhol: Motion Pictures (member preview — the exhibition starts on December 19th) it was smashing!

On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century — I use “online” as Internet term, but this is very opposite from being “online” and I enjoyed all sorts of art associated with the medium of drawing.

LOVE the huge lettering on the wall. Colors are great on black wall, too.

and this live art performance — he is IN the piano, moving around and playing the piano at the same time. From the other side. The music was really beautiful, too. I enjoyed it very much.

Happy Friday!

3 thoughts on “MoMA Visit 12.16.2010

  1. Wow. It’s been too long since I’ve last visited the MoMa there.I love your online photos and piano man in the piano playing piano is fun! I hope to get back to the MoMa soon..

  2. The last few pictures are quite interesting. I haven’t been there yet! I’ve always wanted to go. It’s awesome that you can take pictures. I know some museums are weird about that.

  3. Hi ChantaleP-

    :) I hope you get to visit MoMA soon, too! It’s always really cool to visit!

    Hi Tiffany-

    They are strict about the photography inside of the exhibition, but you can photograph outside of the exhibition :) I hope you get to visit soon, too!

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