Brooklyn Flea

We went to the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene on Saturday morning to pick up our new dining table (oh my god, we love it! Pictures coming soon) and also found lots of awesome stuff! I learned something: go there in the morning and grab it if you really want it! There were tons of great stuff, but while I was eyeing things and making the rounds, some of them were gone. and I was so sad about missing them… :(

Took some pictures, too, enjoy the flea!


Lots of Mason Jars:

Love these clocks — the colors are great.

Lots of frames:

This letter R was so special:

These little friends were so cute I wanted to take all of them home…

Cathrineholm milk pots and bowl:

How cute is this pattern?

Big Letter K:


I hope you all had a nice long weekend :)

2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Flea

  1. thank you, Cathie! yeah, it’s always fun to go there — if you ever visit NYC, please stop by :)

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