What Home Means To Me (Pin it Forward)

As I mentioned before, lovely Victoria from sfgirlbybay and pinterest team are launching an another great event called “pin it forward” today and I couldn’t be more proud to be the one of the first 10 bloggers to start!

and the theme is “What home means to me” — and here is my pinboard

I realized since I moved to NYC and started my own freelance work, home became not only sleep, relax, cook and eat, but also work and create. Be inspired and imaginative. Be creative and innovative.

(Beci Orpin’s home via The Design Files)

(Craft nook via you are my fave)

Also, as I have lots of collection of things, which make me happy, think and remember, home means where I keep all my favorite things, display them in my own way and enjoy.

(Lisa Gongdon’s kitchen via design*sponge)

(Teapots and jugs via skinnylaminx)

(the gallery wall via sfgirlbybay)

and never ending quest to me… Always looking for the perfect something for the home… and I enjoy that process, and when you do find something that you love, how great the feeling is and you get to live with it!

(Go Quest via me)

and the list goes on and on… please see more at my pinboard! I think I will keep adding more since home means A LOT to me, I would never be done with my board… :)


Please also check out all the awesome starter bloggers inspiration for what their home means to them including Erin of design for mankind, Sara of lost bird found, Joy of oh joy!, Christine of LAMA, Nicole of making it lovely, Jodi of a fresh start, Lori of automatism, Melissa of melissa loves, and of course, Victoria of sfgirlbybay.

and please let me introduce, Tina of scatterbox. She will be posting “what home means to her” tomorrow! Can’t wait to see her board.

Thank you so much, Victoria and Pinterest team for your hard work creating, organizing and launching this event! and thank you guys so much for letting me share my pinboards :) I hope you enjoyed!

10 thoughts on “What Home Means To Me (Pin it Forward)

  1. Hijiri, love your ‘what home means to me’ board!!! Especially the craft nook and the hanging plates wall art!!! all of them would make for a totally cozy home! can’t wait to share my board with everybody in June!!! xo

  2. what a wonderful post! your pinboard is really great. and that office space? i wish i had a space like that!

  3. yay, heej! i love this – so you! (maybe only i know what your old desk looked like!). ;)

    thank you for all your hard work and help getting ‘pin it forward’ ready to share with everyone. as always, i could never do it without you. xoxo, v.

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  5. Your home must be so sweet! I love your family of hubby & pets and all of the gorgeous color & coziness that inspires you. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  6. Thank you, everyone, so much!!! I had so much fun putting the pinboard together, I can’t wait to see everyone’s!!!

    Victoria, you did it once again! Congratulations!!!

  7. just dropping in on all the pin it forward blogs – i’m in the same category at the end. thanks for your lovely words and pictures.

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