Anthropologie Best in Show

Anthropologie in Rockefeller Center in NY has not only the coolest window display, but also the cutest gallery space inside. Last week, I stopped by there with my old friend who I hadn’t seen for 13 years (!) and we saw this great exhibition that is going on right now called “Best in Show” — I tool some photos and here they are! Enjoy!

Look at this awesome poodle made out of the lace paper. Love the texture and the vintage feel, so lovely.

and these guys were made out of all sorts of papers. How creative!

A patchwork dachshund :)

This fox was made out of shredded papers and plastic forks.

Cute creature… all cozy :)

There are more in the gallery, if you have a chance, please stop by and meet all the animals.

Let’s have another creative week, shall we?! :)

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  1. i’m so glad you took these photos while you were there. i went over there today and the exhibit was gone already! =(

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