SMILE Giveaway :)

Yes, you heard it right. I am giving away this new SMILE letterpress print in yellow that I just printed! “SMILE” is absolutely one of my favorite words and the gray ones got all sold out so I decided to print more… in yellow this time!

It is in 5×7 inches, letterpressed by hand using vintage wood type blocks on 110lb, 100% cotton Lettra Pearl White paper with soy-based yellow ink – means it’s very eco-friendly! Limited to only 60 prints.

Here are some behind-the-scene photos…

Adjusting its placement and the impression.

Wood type all set, yellow ink set, and ready to print.

Hot off the press…

and here is the final product!

((the dachshund is from DAXDACHS in Ginza Tokyo and the little jewelry box is from Suga Jewelry.))


To enter, please leave a comment in this post telling us “what makes you smileby midnight EST on Monday, February 22nd and I will pick a winner and announce one on Tuesday, February 23rd (my birthday!). You can be anywhere in the world, I will ship it to anywhere :) Also, if you tweet about it or if you mention about it on your blog, that gets you more entries — make sure to tell me by leaving another messages so I can count that, too! You have today, this weekend and Monday so hurry!

GOOD LUCK and BIG SMILE to all of you!!!

70 thoughts on “SMILE Giveaway :)

  1. The latest thing to make me smile was an email from a friend of mine telling me about her newest addition to her shoe collection. It should be added that I live too far away from my friends but therefore truly appreciate them. Maybe what really makes me smile is technology making a long distance seem not so long. Yep, final answer is technology.

    Ps. Buzzed, tweeted and blogged about the competition :)

  2. Watching the Olympics makes me smile! I love how the whole world gets together for some friendly competition. I’m so happy for the athletes whose dreams come true after years of training. I was beaming last night when Evan Lysacek took gold in men’s figure skating! I was jumping up and down in my apartment – my cat was looking at me like I was crazy! :)

  3. Interactions with strangers — you share a moment, laugh or SMILE together and will probably never see them again but for one moment you shared a rare moment in life, together, as strangers.

  4. Oh what a happy giveaway!

    Mexican food makes me smile. I’m going out with my husband this evening for a happy hour of quesadillas and margaritas. It will be a really nice reward after a very long week! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. One thing that made me smile today was my son. He was counting down the days up to his birthday, and when realising it is only two days away (he turns 5 on Sunday 21st) he got so happy when thinking about balloons, birthday cake and presents.
    I also got a smile when I thought of when he was born, and that we arrived home from the hospital 4 days later on my own birthday (Feb 25th) – the best birthday present I have ever got :-)

  6. The way my husband plays with our son. It’s the cutest! I just recently happened upon your blog about a week ago. LOVE IT!!!

  7. Waking up to a bright sunny morning with that feeling where everything is possible and you’ve got nothing particular to do except indulge in a warm home-made scone and hot cup of coffee and get creative! :)

  8. I love that little daschund!

    Lazing on my sun-drenched sofa on a Saturday morning makes me smile (which is what I’m doing right now). Letterpress and handmade always make me smile big grins. Ooh, and unexpected gifts. And seeing beauty in the mundane.

  9. a handful of smile-worthy things…

    + bursts of color in unexpected places (especially in winter)
    + tea and scones
    + children playing in snow

  10. I smile when I notice that other artists have the same quirks that I do… a love of texture, an off-kilter letter, an appreciation for type.

  11. Simple pleasures make me smile-planting on a warm spring afternoon,or my husband still holding my hand after 20yrs of marriage or something quite silly-like my big dog chasing his tail round and round!

  12. My two cats! Watching them do silly things and enjoy all the little things of life, like sleeping in the sun, getting some food and just being a cat, makes all my worries go away for an instant and just makes me smile.

  13. buying happy daffodils at the market.
    still looking out at winter here, these just brightens my day and bring a simple smile to my face.

  14. hearing my youngest yell “tickle me, mama!”

    So cheerful. Just what the doctor ordered…would love to have this!

  15. Hearing my little girl wake up every morning and saying “allo duck” makes me smile. So cute that she talks to her cuddly duck, actually she’s obsessed with ducks right now. Love the big yellow SMILE. I can picture it handing in my son’s bedroom, on a beautiful blue wall. It would look sunny and bright. Keeping everything crossed that it may come my way. Thanks.

  16. so many things make me smile, i can’t choose just one!
    my parents, my friends, my college, photography, the steelers, apples, seeing other people smile… i could go on forever! :)

  17. *Skype chatting with my best friend

    *my dog (and just about any other dog!)

    *pretty sunsets

    *people who have been married 50+ years holding hands

  18. Things that make me SMILE:
    -my husband
    -flowers & cupcakes
    -my cats
    -the smell of fresh jasmine tea
    -new magazines

  19. sunny days, long walks, good movies, puzzles, my husband doing the dishes, petting my cat, fresh flowers, dessert, clean sheets, a new outfit, a pedicure, back rubs… really the list is endless. :)

  20. Things that make me smile: lace, flowers, baking cookies, exploring, getting a new magazine in the mail, anything letterpress, kittens, hugs, funny jokes, shoes, friends, NYC, reality tv, naps, traveling, snowboarding, ribbon, the beach… the list goes on and on! :)

  21. Hugs and gifts for kids in El Salvador where I went on a mission trip last week makes me smile!

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