Enjoy & Smile

It was time to restock my chipboard “thank you” cards for my shop… (You can see my Hello! cards and Thanks! cards by clicking the links) I actually printed “Enjoy” cards before, but never had a chance to share on Heart Fish and I printed some more… and this time, “Smile” cards, too :) When you order something from my shop, you will get one! With my hand-written thank you notes!

Type setting — printing 2 cards at the same time. I was working with some metallic ink (ohh, I can’t wait to show you guys what I was working on) and I loved the metallic blue ink so much that I decided to print my cards with it, too.


Everything looks so lovely on chipboards, don’t you think?


and here they are.






Enjoy and Smile! :)

**Also, visit me at Poppytalk Handmade Artists blog today, I talked about these not-for-sale thank you cards! :)

6 thoughts on “Enjoy & Smile

  1. Love these; smile is one of my favorite words :) maybe I can buy some with my biz card order; I’d love some in my biz colors :) we can talk offline about that but I had to let you know that you made me smile today :)

  2. theyre beautiful heej. i miss you too!! i know i cant believe i’m getting hitched, but stranger things have happened haha.
    hugs to you and randy-saan!!

  3. Jana-

    thank you so much! Yes, “smile” is definitely one of my favorite words, too! We’ll definitely talk very soon!


    Thank you so much! I will do more!! :)


    oh! hahaha That’s true… (kidding you back! it’s not strange!) I miss you ALWAYS! I can’t wait for you to be a wife, Sarah!!! Big hugs to you and Paul, toooooooo. xoxoxoxo


    oh, thank you, Lindsay, as always for your sweet words! :)

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