Six by Six Gallery

Attention all artists and creators! The founders of Charmingwall (oh how I love their website…) will open a new original-art gallery on October 1st… with your art!! (If you participate, that is)

“Each month, Six by Six Gallery will exhibit hundreds of original works of art – every single one of them on a six-inch square canvas. This small and consistent size allows the gallery to show the works of a large and diverse group of artists each and every month. It also allows collectors the opportunity to curate their own selection of artwork at an identical size that will look great when hung together.”


To participate, all you have to do is to purchase an Artist Submission Package at, create your original art on the canvas and submit!


I think this is a great opportunity for anyone, everyone who has a passion and vision (yes, ANYONE can do it), I am thinking of participating so if you are interested, please let me know!

Happy Friday!!