H is for Hello!

A new addition to my alphabet greeting cardsH is for Hello!

I am printing more, hope to have A to Z as Stephanie has asked… :)

I already printed wood type H and Hello! in yellow a while ago, I just had to print the second color brown… setting the plates on the base:


Adjustment to do. and yes, to get to the perfect position, there would be mess-ups.


They never get to go anywhere so I am sharing them here… :) Sometimes it creates an awesome art!


and here is the final product. Comes with matching 100% cotton envelope.



Available here!

Hello Tuesday… please be nice to me…

3 thoughts on “H is for Hello!

  1. Oh! My! Werd! What a most wonderful surprise! I ADORE your work and will absolutely be purchasing your alpha-fabulous cards!
    A is for Anniversary
    B is for Bon Fete
    Can you do an F is for Fabulous?
    G is for Gratitude
    J is for Just Because

    Oh you are so so lovely – I am going to feature you on my blog!

  2. yuki-

    thanks, thanks :)

    yeah, A is for Anniversary is coming very soon (you guys had it right!), the plate is made, I just have to print them… I know you need it NOW, though. Sorry :P


    ohhhh thank you so much!!! You are so sweet!! and thank you for all your ideas, I already had some plates made for some letters, but I really appreciate it!!!

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