Custom Print: BLISS

I had fun printing this custom print for Lindsey, “BLISS” – what a simple and happy word! It’s going to be her last name soon… even happier!! :) Congratulations, Lindsey! (soon-to-be-Mrs.Bliss!)

Setting up type, locking up on Vandecook Press:


Adjusting the placement. It’s in 8×10 inches so making sure the word prints in center.


Mixing color…. (oh, how I love this…) she requested a blissful blue :)



and here it is:





I love how it came out, simple and gorgeous!

If you are interested in custom print, please let me know :)

11 thoughts on “Custom Print: BLISS

  1. i love the simplicity of it :) very elegant.

    btw, i received the print yesterday and i love it! i also loved the “hello” postcard – a cute touch. thank you again =)

  2. Hi Lindsey-

    I can’t wait for it to find you, either!! It was fun printing as you can see! Thank you so much :)


    oh great! You got it! I’m glad to know that you are happy :) Thank you so much!


    hello! thank you so much for stopping by and your sweet words!!! I’m flattered!


    Thank you so much! :)

  3. I love my ‘live what you love’ print, but know I want one of these as well. You should definitely add them to the shop – I think they’d sell like hot cakes.

  4. Lucy C-

    ohhhh maybe I should!?! I’m glad to hear that you’d be interested and that you love your LWYL print!! Thank you :)

  5. OOH this is simply gorgeous and a must for the shop! I also love my LWYL print…I look at it every day and smile.

    your avid fan :-)

  6. Hi Lindsay and Andrea-

    thank you so much you guys! You guys are so encouraging, I appreciate that, thank you so much!!!

    Andrea, I’m glad your print is making you smile :) So happy to hear that!!!

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