New Stamps

USPS raised the postage price and shipping price this month here in the US, I was not so happy until I see the new stamps in person! I think they are the cutest stamps I’ve ever used, it is called “love” and the design of king and queen, the pattern, the hearts, the flow, the lettering of “love” are all so great, I can stare at the details all day…




oh and I of course love the new Simpson stamps, too :)


3 thoughts on “New Stamps

  1. I was bummed about the price hike as well, but then realized that meant new stamp designs… and I was equally excited when I went to the usps website to see what the new designs were! I fell in love with the kings and queens, and have to get to the post office stat to pick mine up! (and my husband informed me that he is pretty sure that they plan to raise the price 2 cents each year)

  2. ursula-

    aren’t they the cutest? aw I didn’t realize it’s every year thing… but I think that is right. I will buy lots of forever stamps before the next raise for sure, though…


    :) I thought you would, too! :)

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