I got to work on this custom print for Nicole that reads “POSSIBILITY” – what a great word.

Setting the wood types.


Nowadays, I first print without ink to see the impression and the position of the letters at the same time. I’m learning little things like this every time. I think this is called “experience” :)

I love the impression even without the ink!


I’ve been wanting to incorporate this blind printing… I will soon…


Nicole requested green so I mixed pretty green… love how colors blend each other and make a whole new color.



and the final print. It came out great! I hope she would like it…



If you are interested in custom print, please contact me :)

*Thank you all for so much for your wonderful comments, I usually reply on the comments, but I have been so swamped… I always appreciate it and I will get back to every single comment very soon! You guys are the best!! xo


3 thoughts on “POSSIBILITY

  1. Linsay-

    thank you so much! Yeah, I like the green, too! :)


    No, I’m not… but next year maybe?!?! I saw that you are going to the NSS, how fun!! Let me know what you saw and thought!!!

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