LWYL Poster!

I was in the studio yesterday printing…. Live What You Love posters! A few people have requested a larger size of the print and I have been planning to do so for such a long time and finally, I accomplished the plan. Oh, my god, it was harder than I thought it would be! So I could only print 10 posters in yellow… I’m going to print more colors as requested from now on, I think, because it just takes time… now I appreciate even more of those hand-printed large posters!

Cutting papers – these tools are my friends for a long time.


Type setting my new 4 inch tall wood types! They are really beautiful.



Putting ink on the roller – it needs to be right amount of ink.


After printing one proof, adjusting takes long time… and the end result is here!





It fits in IKEA RIBBA 19 3/4 x 27 1/2 frame perfectly.


For more information and to buy, please visit my etsy shop! Thank you!

8 thoughts on “LWYL Poster!

  1. I love how it looks with the hanger; I’ll have a hard time choosing how to display mine when it comes! Probably the frame because I got the smaller version and the frame will give it more presence. Love it!

  2. i love this! and i’m even more ecstatic i’m getting one in this gorgeous yellow color. :) way to go Hijiri!

  3. Hey. I seriously LOVE this. The yellow is perfect! I checked out your etsy and I am definitely going to get this and “music is my life”

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