Crocheted Table Runner

One of my favorite print-makers, Bernadette from sugarloop had her house featured at decor 8‘s How Much For This Room last week and as much as I love her prints, I LOVE her place! and I couldn’t help but notice this gorgeous crocheted table runner – Ohhh my god, I want to try making one just like this!! (It says it’s from Trade Aid New Zealand, but I think it’s all in New Zealand local shops… so I can’t buy one, I guess.) I try and I crochet things here and there, but I have so many unfinished projects, I shouldn’t start another one, but looking at this really inspires me to at least try making one.


(sigh… so simple, so great…)


Our apartment doesn’t have a proper dining area right now, it is my dream to have a dining room… like this!


Very inspiring. Her Balcony is super awesome, too, and reasonable! Check How Much For This Room for more!

(images: bernadette sipkes, sugarloop via decor8)

4 thoughts on “Crocheted Table Runner

  1. Hi Miss Hijiri! I say go for it on the crochet:) This room blew me away, it was so clean with that beautiful light, sigh…

  2. oh wow! this dining room is heavenly! i love the simplicity of the table the mismatched chairs and the delicate accents. and the glass windows!

    looking at other people’s home and creations is really inspiring. Yeah, it would be great to see your finished crochet creation inspired by this! =)

  3. Hey Hijiri,
    I live in New Zealand – want me to have a look around for one of those table runners?

  4. Hi Miss B, Tristan!

    aww thank you for your encouragement! Sometimes, that’s all I need to start! :) Yes, the room has this great feeling, I can just look at the pictures and dream all day long…


    I didn’t really look at the chairs, but they are mismatched – but working so well together! That’s why I didn’t even realize… It would be great to see the finished crochet table runner myself… :P


    oh my god, really?!?! Do you know this shop?! If it’s not too much trouble… yes, please!!? but I thought they are more like a hand-made product that you don’t see bunch of them at the store…?! Thank you soo much for even thinking about doing this!! :)

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