Black and White

I never really liked black furniture in my house before until I started living with Randy. I always liked white furniture everywhere, but we both have to compromise (right?) and now our office area is both black and white – I actually quite like the outcome now very much!

This weekend, I framed this photo print that I just received from Mrs. French at Blissful image in this gorgeous black frame that I had for a while, waiting to find the perfect image to go with.


and now it’s a part of my black and white shelf by my desk:


I love it so much! (what do you think?)

Also, inspired by this black and white coolness around my house, I started a crochet project this weekend… with black and white cotton yarns!



It’s not done yet… but I will share this with you when it’s done :)
Hope you all had a great weekend. It’s definitely warming up here in New York. Everyone is so ready for Spring, I can tell… including myself!

5 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. oh goodness…I am not sure one of my photos has ever been so lucky…beautiful! Thank you for including my piece in your pretty collection my dear…xo t

  2. mrs. french-

    ohhhh you are so sweet and this will stay with us and be loved forever!! Thank YOU for your amazing work!!


    thank you so much!! I haven’t touched the crochet project since… it’s always the finishing that somehow so hard for me to do… I wonder why.


    Yes, I agree! I see that in your logo, too, so I know you like that, too!! :)

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