Live What You Love 5th Edition

Just wanted to make a quick announcement… my “Live What You Love” 5th edition letterpress prints are available now!

Wood type blocks all set on the Vandercook press:

I used different wood type blocks from previous editions (as I always do) and you see a nice unique texture on each letter – I love the texture!

Letter U has this stitching looking texture that was already on the wood type block:

Letter E from “LOVE” has an interesting texture:

Orange one:

Red one:

and the yellow one:

Each color is limited edition of 50 prints on 100% cotton paper with soy-based ink!

Please come visit my shop if you are interested! Thank you :)

7 thoughts on “Live What You Love 5th Edition

  1. Margarita-

    thank you so much!! I love your shop, too, especially the LOVE pillow! CUTE!!

  2. Lindsay-

    thank you so much for your sweet words! I saw that you decided on the color ;) Thank you so much!!! You will love it even more when you see the real print, it has so much texture to it and the wood type has its awesomeness.

  3. Hijiri – yep, we decided on the black and white one! It was my husband’s idea. We have a ton of black and white throughout our home, with random pops of color, so we thought that would be the best one. :-) I will photograph it once I receive it and send some photos to you. :-) THANKS!!!!

  4. Francesca-

    Thank you again so much for sending this in!! I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for your wonderful support, Francesca!!!!


    Great!! I can’t wait to see yours!! Thank you so much!!

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