Round Robin Press

It was my birthday yesterday, I had a great day, great night with my friends (THANK YOU for those who came out on Monday night! xo) and also received lots of birthday wishes from everywhere in the world! Thank you so much, my friends, you are my inspiration!

My friend Yuki sent this card from San Francisco and I thought it was great – a plant-able letterpress card from Round Robin Press.

It’s letterpressed on handmade paper with wildflower seeds and you just plant this card, water it regularly and…. the flowers grow! How cute! I don’t want to plant this beautiful letterpress card, and her sweet message inside the card, but I think I’ll try and see.

I did flower seed idea on my save-the-date card for my wedding, but this would be a cute card for a special occasion, too. More cards and information on their website here.

Thank you, Yuki!

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