The Art of Hatch Show Print

This video is so cool – from Hatch Show Print in Nashville – I have to visit here someday. Very inspirational and I see the Vandercook press I’ve been using!

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but again, this book is highly recommended!

3 thoughts on “The Art of Hatch Show Print

  1. I visited when I was in TN on vacation a couple years ago. I highly recommend it!
    I told them I was a printer and the interns let me get up close & personal with a couple of the presses. They had some really great height & mobility solutions for their smaller presses. I’d love to go back as an intern myself someday. {dream dream dream}

  2. Moira-

    isn’t it?!?!?!


    wow, you’ve been there!! Lucky you! :) I would loooove to be an intern there, too, how cool and fun would that be?!?!

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