Letterpress Studio

I’ve mentioned that I am renting a letterpress studio starting this month… it has been awesome! I am sharing this space with other talented people and this is the Vandercook Press I’m using.


Ben, who I share this press with, uses soy-based ink and it is 100% non-toxic space, I love it so much! Do you see a vegetable oil under the press? We clean the press with the oil.

The space is big, there are 2 Vandercook Presses and 1 C&P Press. This is our area:


Wood furnitures and such:


A guillotine cutter. This thing cuts papers like crazy! Very dangerous if you don’t know how to use it. The blade is so sharp that you don’t even feel it when your fingers get cut – always gives me goosebumps by just thinking about it!! I am VERY careful around this guy… :)


Happy Letterpressing!

My Studio Tour

I am soo excited that my little home and studio tour was featured over at MadeByGirl today!!!

When Jen contacted me and asked me that she is interested in seeing more of my space, I was super excited and of course said YES right away!! She has her own prints and cards shop that is so cute and clever, I feel so lucky to get to know her via Internet/blog!! Her blog is full of inspirations, it is my daily visit ever since I found it.

Thank you so much, Jennifer!! Please click here to see the rest of my home tour.