Home Sweet Home

It is absolutely awesome to see my prints making it to people’s home! I had to share these beautiful images that people who bought the prints took they all look good and makes me so happy to see that they are being loved and that they have such a sweet home!!

Bernadette from bup photography:

Kika from Brazil:

Jennifer from MadeByGirl with her new butterfly print! Cute!

Weronica from Sweden:

Kristin from sunkissed photography via her flickr:

(Love the little heart next to it, too!! Nice touch!)

fadas&princesas from Portugal

If you have the print and if you have a chance to photograph it at your home or anywhere, please send me the pictures or a link to the pictures, I would love to feature yours here, too!

Happy Friday, everyone!!

4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Hi, saw your lovely home in the post by Jennifer at MadeByGirl, and was arrested by your absolutely delightful print!!ahh am so glad I clicked on the link, you have great things going on here:)

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