The Bright Side Project – my prints!

I just posted about this Bright Side Project yesterday, but I had to mention again because my print is featured today and it is up for giveaway!

Again, all you have to do is to answer the question.

What do you love to do?

My answer would be…. I love to design, I love to print (letterpress!), I love to make/see people happy!

When I was invited by Tristan, I thought it was such a nice project and I hope that it brightens your day, your month, your year!! Good luck!!

3 thoughts on “The Bright Side Project – my prints!

  1. What I love is photography. I seem to always be thinking about new projects and new was to view the MY world through MY lense. I try to live it everyday by participating in the 365 Challenge, which makes me try harder to do more of what I love.

  2. Thank you for participating! I am getting such happy emails about your print, so I would say you helped make this a success thus far!

  3. Angie-

    that’s great! Setting yourself a challenge like 365 Challenge (!) won’t happen if you don’t love photography. :) I hope you entered the giveaway over at!!


    Ohhh that’s awesome to hear!!! Thank YOU for such a joy – reading everyone’s comments from each day makes me really happy, they are positive, inspirational, happy comments!!

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