The Bright Side Project

February is my favorite month of the year (4 days in already!?). Love is in the air – Valentine’s day and our anniversary – and my birthday is in February, too. And on top of that, Tristan from The Blah, Blah, Blahg is having “The Bright Side Project“; EVERY DAY, for the entire month of February, she is having a giveaway from 28 different artists and so far it’s awesome and I want to win everything! All you have to do is to answer some questions and check back often. I think she is giving a week for each giveaway so you still have time to enter from the day 1 – click here to see and enter yourself!

(do you recognize the top left image?!)

Thank you, Tristan, for having this amazing project for everyone in the world!! Definitely brightens my day!