Custom Birth Announcements

My friends Yuki and Anthony had a beautiful baby boy on January 4th (CONGRATULATIONS!!) and I was really happy to get to work on the birth announcements for them!

The preparation:

Printing first color (brown) on Vandercook Press:

Second color (blue):

I printed about 100 announcements.

It’s on its way to them right now… hope they’ll like it! I’m learning a lot every time I print something, which is great so thank you, Yuki and Anthony!


Today is a Chinese New Year — It’s a year of Ox! Happy Day, everyone!

5 thoughts on “Custom Birth Announcements

  1. oh my goodness hiji!! they are absolutely gorgeous. i can’t wait to hire you to do one for us someday. please let me know your prices!! amazing.

  2. THANK YOU, Kate!!! OF COURSE, I’ll print some for you guys when the time comes!!! wooooooo :D

  3. Hine-san!!

    I know, my blog doesn’t take Japanese… sorry :(

    but thank you so much for your sweet comments!! So nice to see you here!!!

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