New Letterpress Prints

I went to The Arm letterpress studio over the weekend to print some more cards and prints… the studio was really cool! I ended up spending 4 hours there, gosh, it’s so much fun I could do that all day long!

Picture is from their website — the dog is Henry, he was such a good boy, I enjoyed printing with his presence.

I had a few requests on colors so I printed “Live What You Love” print (3rd edition!) in 5 colors and now they are all available at my etsy shop!

Black one:

Gray one:

Yellow one:

Orange one:

and red one:

Which color do you like??

Today is a big back to work day for a lot of people, I am actually working from home this week, it’s nice! The letterpress cards I printed will follow later. I hope this will inspire you this morning…

4 thoughts on “New Letterpress Prints

  1. For me, in red or Black… ;)
    In any case, it is very nice as creation,
    Loft, a clothing designer uses this beautiful expression on T-shirts … I fell for the multicolor… !
    I tried you advice in your next creations;)

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