Happy New Year 2009!! I hope you are having a great start. May year 2009 be filled with love, hope and prosperity!!

This year, I’m going to keep working harder, keep motivated, enjoy and take advantage of this great city, New York, and start and finish lots of projects that I have on my list. I am very excited where it all leads me!

To kick off, I am participating this project with Samantha Hann at Maquette, I was so honored to get included, it’s going to be so exciting! I’ll share more about the project later soon… and also, I am participating letterpress print exchange that Kelly from Paper Stories is organizing with many of my favorite talented letterpress artisits, this is going to be super cool!

Plus, I am so excited to finish sfgirlbybay new site this year along with a few projects that I am still working on from 2008, and I am going to print more of the “Live What You Love” prints this weekend. Thanks to everyone, the 1st edition and the 2nd edition of the print is all sold out!

Speaking of… my friend Sarah sent me her print in her lovely wall — it looks sooooo great, Sarah! Thank you for sending me! Makes me happy so much to see it on your wall and hear that you like it!

Love all the frames she has, too. I am gracious that my print made it on her wall.

I think this is such a good reminder for everyone because it is important that you are living what you love. Right? I’d love to start taking clients for customized letterpress project, too!

Happy 2009!!

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  1. Hi Kelly!

    I can’t wait to see the results, too!! Thank you again for organizing it and having me!!

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