Vintage Alphabet Bookmarks

I went to the Holiday Craft Market the other day like I said I would and it was awesome! I saw so many great handmade products and artists, it was so fun and inspiring!

Lots of things caught my eye, but especially, this vintage alphabet bookmarks from Beacon Bookmarks caught my eye and wanted to share with you here – with their business card that reads “Read Books, Not Blogs” – haha so great!

So simple and strong (made with hardwood) you can use them for a long long time! I actually got 2 for Randy, R and S, because he reads more books than blogs. I read more blogs than books… maybe someday I will get my H bookmark to read more books. hehe

2 thoughts on “Vintage Alphabet Bookmarks

  1. Hi Mrs. French!

    Thank you for stopping by – oh haha, the subscription insert! That would do the job, too. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!!

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