Letterpress Class 10

It was my last letterpress class and even though I felt a little sad that it was over, I am so happy that I feel comfortable using Vandercook Press and printing letterpress prints and cards now and I will keep printing for sure! Thank you so much for reading my class journey, I will keep posting about letterpress every time I have something to share so please look forward to what I will be doing next!

I had another card idea and when I made my plate, I included this idea, too, so I was able to finally print the card…

Mixing light gray by using the Pantone chip chart.

hmm, maybe more white?

The first plate is set. The Vandercook Press needed to be adjusted a lot this time… there are a few places that you have to go into and adjust to set it for proper printing – I could do it all by myself! So proud. (smile)

and just print away…

Mixing second color – I love mixing colors! It’s fun!

and print second color away…

I will share about what I actually printed in the next post – yes, it’ll be available in my shop soon!

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