Christian Lacroix + Evian

I stop by Dean & Deluca in SOHO sometimes to get breakfast or lunch and I’ve been seeing this really pretty evian bottle that Christian Lacroix have designed – it always catches my eye and it’s such a treat to see everytime I go there. It’s perfect for holiday party or holiday decoration in the kitchen or bar area, too. They are selling it for 8 dollars. I might get it when I don’t have much stuff to carry…

and I was searching online to learn more about it and came across this another pretty bottle called Evian Pinnacle Bottole / Haute Couture… how awesome and pretty is this one! I think I’m in love… more info here and Evian’s website.

Apparently, they have a Jean Paul Gaultier bottle, too. That’s so great that they are collaborating with top fashion designers! For Friday morning eye candy. Can’t believe it’s Friday already…!

One thought on “Christian Lacroix + Evian

  1. Does anyone know where in the world I can purchase the Evian Pinnacle Haute Couture bottle by Christian Lacroix? Its just beautiful and am in love with it!! Will pay anything to get one to display in my home!!! Please anyone out there!! Thank you so so much!!

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