White Tree

While I was in Boston for thanksgiving holiday, I really wanted to get a faux Christmas tree this year (to be eco-friendly… but I wonder if cutting Christmas trees are bad for the earth? I see so many of them every year and no one says anything…? Anyway, after getting real trees for the last 2 years, I’ve decided to save money and earth.) and so I did! I’ve had a white Christmas tree in my mind for quite sometimes and yay, I got one! My mother-in-law came with me to pick this one up, we went to three places to get this tree (thank you so much, Janis!) I set it up as soon as we got home and it is in our living room — needs presents under the tree now.

Randy and I pick up new ornaments every year and this year, we have letter H, R and M for Maia, Mallow and Milo. Each ornament has memory and they remind me of last few years and I love the tradition so much. I’m still looking for some more to add to this tree, though…

My mother-in-law gave us some old antique ornaments from the family and they are really great addition to our tree this year. Thank you!!

We need 3 little stockings for my little ones, too. I tried last year for my chinchillas, but I had no luck finding cute ones, but this year, I will find them for sure.

Happy December, everyone!!

*Note: I didn’t have my letterpress class because of thanksgiving holiday so no letterpress post today. Next Monday for sure.

5 thoughts on “White Tree

  1. I think your tree is lovely – but why do you think that getting an artificial tree is more eco-friendly then a real one which can be composted back into the earth?

  2. Hi Sadie-

    hmm, see, I wasn’t sure if it is more eco-friendly or not… I asked around, but no one had a real good answer for me.

    but I sure saved money, though, I don’t have to buy tree every year now. :)

  3. I’ve read about Sakura trees take yeares to bloom. And those trees live more than a thousand years. Another story, Venus had been restored by the afforestation after its nuclear crisis.?
    Now, the beautiful planet is covered by an evergreen forest!!
    Can you believe it?!!

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