Guest Blogger at sfgirlbybay 2

I am over at sfgirlbybay again today! I am sharing my letterpress/wood type love with the readers along with Hatch Show Print book I love.

Please see my whole post from here.

Note: Today is the last day to enter the letterpress card giveaway.

3 thoughts on “Guest Blogger at sfgirlbybay 2

  1. Nice posters! I finally printed some cards at my letterpress class last night. Don’t you just love letterpress? I can’t get enough of it. I love seeing the work from your class. :)

  2. Hi Laura-

    oh you started your class, too! That’s great! I know, I can’t get enough of it, exactly! Have fun in your class, too!!

    Mrs. French!
    Thank you for stopping by here, and thank you soo much for your comment, I always loooooove your beautiful work!!!

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