Silkscreen Reclamation Project Report

I posted about this cool poster for Silkscreen Reclamation Project before and I stopped by there before my letterpress class last week to see what’s up there – it was so cool! Basically, they all took this piece as a base art (one color word bubbles) and put each creativity on to it, and “reclaimed” it.

I enjoyed seeing the project very much. Here are some work from the exhibition:

The base art:

Space things always get me.

A bit too hard to read, but I like the decorative typography.

The color combination is cool, funky and fun.

Human vs. Animals? Love the black and white.

Different asterisk from each typeface. With a little cheat sheet.

2 thoughts on “Silkscreen Reclamation Project Report

  1. Love some of these posters they are amazing. I need to find someone to design a poster for me for my Dec 14th benefit show. any ideas?

  2. Hi Jessica-

    Maybe I can help you this time?
    Let me know if you are interested in collaborating!

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