Letterpress Class 4

In the last class, we did something different – linoleum printing! Ohhh, it was fun!

Preparation – you can directly draw on the linoleum or trace something if you want to use certain art. Here, I traced a trumpet art by using a tracing paper. You can buy the linoleum on the board or just the sheet of it. The instructor had a sheet of it for us so we attached the sheet on a wood board with double stick tape before we worked on it.

And you just carve it by using linoleum cutters!

It is softer than wood and easier to carve.

Almost done… I didn’t need all the linoleum so I cut out the rest.

and you just set it on the Vandercook press (You might need to place papers underneath to raise the board a bit) put some ink, and print.

and here it is! My trumpet print!

From here, I tried to experiment 2 color printing. I made a little change on the linoleum and so the first color would show though as highlight or shadow. And take the first print and go through the press one more time.

It came out nicely! I did one with orange, one with olive green.

I also wanted to incorporate some letters so when I got home, I took my stamp set and created these prints.

“Kind of Blue” (inspired by Miles Davis album)

“I heart Jazz”

What do you think?

I want to make more lino prints now!

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  1. Jersey Girl in DC >>

    THANK YOU! So happy to hear that!

    zarita dinero >>

    Thank you for your comment! I’m glad that you had fun looking at it, too!!

  2. Hey you guys – sarah and megan!!

    ohhh that is so sweet of you guys to say that — I miss you guys so much always!!! xoxo

    Thank you for your Halloween greeting, Sarah, I had to post it here on Halloween day (did you see thaaat?!) Hope you guys had a fun one!!!

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