Hand-Lettering in SF

I watch for hand-lettering things wherever I go or whatever I see, and sure, I found some in San Francisco while I was walking around town.

This chalk board menu I saw at a cafe is with not only great hand-lettering, but also great illustrations:

A sign by bike parking lot at Berkeley station – I like that phrase:

Polk A Dot Stationers on Polk Street – these are actually made by cut out paper! Very nice.

Their window had great vintage books that had nice typefaces, too. I never been inside this store and it was too early it wasn’t open… next time!

Cheese store chalk board (I couldn’t avoid the reflection…):

Very nice hand-lettering!

Wishing you a happy Friday, everyone!!!

See you on Monday!

4 thoughts on “Hand-Lettering in SF

  1. Hi Lisa-

    the cafe is on Fillmore Street at California. I don’t remember the name of the cafe, but it’s on the corner! You’ll see the menu – aren’t they great?

  2. Thanks. I’ll check it out. I am totally inspired by your attention to lettering. I am going to try and keep my eye out more!

  3. Lisa-

    that’s so nice to hear! You will find great lettering everywhere if you keep your eye out for sure! Have fun!!

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