Art in San Francisco

It was short, but fun trip to San Francisco, the weather was beautiful, nothing has changed since we moved away, I knew exactly where I was, where to go, how to get places… it was weird that we don’t live there any more and made me realize how unique, special and beautiful the city is!

I will start my post with some of the art installations in San Francisco, I couldn’t go everywhere so this is just the ones I happened to pass by, but I hope you enjoy!

One of the “Hearts” in Union Square:

(They had a whole art installation project called “Hearts in San Francisco” back in 2004 — that was my favorite art installation projects! Kind of like Chicago’s “Cows on Parade” there were hundreds of “hearts” throughout the city then.)

Right by Civic Center:

There was this cool chalk / stencil art on the ground also by the Civic Center, they were amazing!

In Hayes Green:

This was new installation, I used to live right by this park, they always have different art installations.

Embarcadero Center — Villancourt Fountain:

(I always loved the fountain, so cool!)

Embarcadero Center:

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