Red Sox vs. Yankees

On July 3rd, Randy and I went to see a Red Sox game at Yankee Stadium – my first time and the last time since they are closing this stadium at the end of this season (unless I get a free ticket, then, this won’t be the last time, but I doubt I would). It’s always a fun experience to see a game and also, be somewhere you’ve never been before so it was a great fun. I’m glad we got to go there before it closes, too, it has some histories there since 1923.

Around the stadium – filled with souvenir stores and sports bars as well as so many people:


They changed their rule a day before we went there that you can’t bring any bags into the stadium so I had to check my bag in this cute little bowling alley. *If you are planning to go to the stadium, don’t bring any bags!


The stadium – I love this feeling when you first see the field and bunch of people!


Panoramic view (click to see larger image):


They are building a new stadium right next to it:

I never seen this many Yankees’ fans! (Thank god, we didn’t go there with our Red Sox clothes… people were so mean to Sox fans – it was actually hilarious!)


We were so high up… it is so hard to get Red Sox tickets since they were the champions last year.




All Star Game is this weekend here (Last year, it was in SF – they are following us)
The Sox was just kicking their butts from the beginning:


Randy’s beer:


They were dancing to YMCA song:


Yankees in trouble:





Red Sox won (7 – 0)!!

2 thoughts on “Red Sox vs. Yankees

  1. OOOOOH!
    Red Sox won! w00t!!
    Did you watch Matsuzaka pitch?

    And look at you, you’re already tanned! :D
    Ah! It must be from OKINAWA!!
    So nice <3

  2. fukuka!

    no, Matsuzaka pitched the day before so he wasn’t pitching – we saw him pitch last year in Oakland, though!

    Do I look tanned?! I think because it’s been so hot in here!

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