Each prefecture in Japan has its own specialty products and/or signature agricultural products and my hometown, Kagawa prefecture is very famous for udon called Sanuki Udon. It is so so good that I always try eating it as many times as I can and bringing udon back as much as possible so I can still eat it in the States. People visit Kagawa from all over the place for udon, and there are more than 10,000 udon shops here. My friends and I went for udon tour one day… only went to 2 shops, but it was soo good!

#1 “Komugi-ya”


Left: Bukkake udon Right: Kake udon


It was like everyday udon place:


#2 “Okasen” very famous


There’s always a waiting line:


Kijyo-yu udon when it served:


After putting everything:

Bukkake udon:


Driving back:


I went to another place with my sister 2 days later and this is “ankake udon”


Can’t get enough! There’s a movie called “Udon” I have to watch it.

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  1. OMG hiji!! I love Udon, I need to go there. Let’s go get Udon one day in NYC! Have you found a good place?

  2. Kate! YES!! Let’s!! Soba-ya has some good udon, too, but not the same, though.

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