1 months later…

I forgot how much no time I have when working full-time.

Anyway. It’s been a month since Maia came and now that she is fully vaccinated, she can play with other dogs and she LOVES to play! She doesn’t like to be alone at all and it’s been such a challenging thing for both Maia and us… we were always coming home to a disaster every time we left her alone and this week, we both have a full-time job and I just couldn’t leave her alone for 8-10 hours so she is now going to a dog day care. She had a great time today and she is exhausted! I feel like a total mom now; wake up, take Maia outside, feed her breakfast, get ready, go to the daycare to drop her off, go to work, work away all day and then come pick her up, feed her dinner… How does all the mom in the world do this everyday?!

Sleepy Maia – she is lazy sometimes.




Just got out of her first bath at home:



At the vet’s office. She made a friend with Ziggy. She gain 1.7 pounds in 3 weeks.


Her day care center. It was raining so much today.